Preliminary Programme
2012-07-02 (Monday)

9:00 Introduction
9:15 Keynote Mark Harman An Introduction to Search Based Software Engineering

10:30 Tea Break

10:50 JiFeng Xuan Backbone Based Multilevel Optimization for the Large Scale Next Release Problem
11:20 Changhai Nei Search based combinatorial testing

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Yue Jia Search based Mutation Testing
13:30 Zheng Li GPGPU based Multiple Objective Test Case Prioritization

14:00 Tea Break

14:10 DunWei Gong Generating test data for paths coverage using genetic algorithms
14:40 Jianjun Zhao Analysis-based Program Debugging

15:10 Tea Break

15:30 Panel: The future of SBSE in China
        (Panel Members: Mark Harman, He Jiang, DunWei Gong, and Zheng Li )

16:30 Wrap Up