The international search based software engineering (SBSE) community is growing rapidly, in which more and more chinese researchers have involved. The objective of this orgnization ans workshops is to bring researchers and practitioners working on SBSE in China together in a welcoming forum for discussion and dissemination, as well as to sustain the flourishing of interest in the field from researchers and practitioners in software engineering and metaheuristic search alike.

Search-based software engineering(SBSE) is an approach to apply metaheuristic search techniques like genetic algorithms, simulated annealing and tabu search to software engineering problems. It is inspired by the observation that many activities in software engineering can be formulated as optimization problems. Due to the computational complexity of these problems, exact optimization techniques of operations research like linear programming or dynamic programming are mostly impractical for large scale software engineering problems. Because of this, researchers and practitioners have used metaheuristic search techniques to find near optimal or good-enough solutions.

CSBSE 2018

第七届中国基于搜索的软件工程研讨会(CSBSE 2018) 将于2018年11月17在北京化工大学召开。



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